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Team Kissler competing at Region 1 Youth Team Competition. 


August 27 Enjoy the Ride

Warrenton, VA

Quality horses available for sale and lessons.

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Kissler Dressage in beautiful Catharpin, VA

Kissler Dressage was founded April 2011 as a training facility.  The facility is designed for ease of training horses, with the large covered dressage arena, and relaxed environment.  Karen Kissler has been training horses and riders since the late 1990's. Karen intensely trains and studies underBritta Johnston since Spring of 2014.  Together, Britta and Karen have produced Young Trainers and well trained school horses.



At Kissler Dressage we train the horses and riders for the benefit of the horse.  Through systematic training, dressage increases the carrying capacity of our horses.  A well trained horse is a healthy and content horse.  A regulation size covered arena with excellent footing, training with full care board,  lessons, and monthly clinics make Kissler Dressage a premier spot.   Quality horses offered for sale. 




Grand Prix winners don't just happen. It takes a well-trained athletic horse and dedicated riding to rise to the challenge. That's where we come in.

Dressage Training