1. Goal-based instruction

Our goal-based approach to riding is very similar to what you would expect from music lessons. You start with the basics - buy new books, learn finger positions, notes, tempo, etc. These things don't come naturally, but must be learned through systematic training. With quality instruction from the very beginning our students can develop and really expand just as they would with their instrument of choice. We have taken a page out of the German Equestrian Federation's book to help our students truly learn and progress.

2. Qualified instructors

Head trainer, Karen Kissler, has more than 25 years of training and teaching under her belt and continues to work toward her FEI dreams. Karen continues her development under Britta Johnston at Mountain Vista Farm. Assistant Trainer, Teresa Pilegaard, is clocking as many hours as possible training under these experienced instructors and is pursuing her PATH therapeutic riding instructor certification.

3. Education

Our students learn more than how to ride, but why we ride this way for the health of the horse. Theory is an important aspect of equestrian training and many of our goals are based on the German Equestrian Federation's instruction handbook "The Principles of Riding." We offer classes and clinics throughout the year that further this education out of the saddle.

4. Adaptive program

We believe in the importance of adapting to the needs of individual riders and strive to foster a loving and supportive barn community. Adaptive lessons are available for children and adults that need more support in the saddle, work on balance, tone, and more.

5. Small Group Lessons

Our lessons are capped at four students so that each rider gets the attention they deserve while learning group safety in the ring and encouraging and aiding each other.

6. Quality horses

Our horses have been picked for specific tasks and are rock stars. From the 18 year old pony who has "been there done that" and helps young ones develop confidence and rhythm, to the mature mare who is incredibly calm and intuitive with our children, to the young quarter horse who is unflappable and has therapeutic riding credentials under his belt, to the young mare with the small, smooth gait perfect for developing a posting trot, we aim to find the right fit for each rider.

7. Beautiful facility

Our beautiful facility is fantastic for all-weather riding. Even in the throws of this rainy Summer we are here, protected from the elements by our beautiful arena. Inclement weather cancellations are a thing of the past!

We would love for you to come visit and see first-hand what sets us apart! Send us an email at northstarstablesnova@gmail.com or give us a call at 540-717-0121.

What Sets Us Apart?