Small group (2-4 student) lessons are available in month-long increments.  Students are assigned to level according to skill, not previous riding experience.

Preschool: (2- 5 years old)  Students learn to use their bodies to balance on the horse with assistance.  The horse is lead while a parent/guardian assists their rider from the ground.  All exercises are conducted at the halt,  walk, or trot as the child is ready. 30 minutes, $165 for 4 classes.

Beginner: “Seat School”, students learn to lead a horse, groom and tack, mount and emergency dismount, walk, trot, trot poles, and steer. No prior riding experience needed.  45 minutes, $255 for 4 classes.

Advanced Beginner: (Prerequisite: Beginners class) “Seat School” Students continue to practice skills acquired in their Beginner program in preparation to canter. Trot poles and cavalettis are used to teach riders Jump Position.   Once a student can steer and ride without stirrups, canter is introduced.  Advanced Beginners may repeat this class for several sessions until their walk, trot, and canter work is ready for the Intermediate class. 45 minutes, $255 for 4 classes.

Intermediate: (Prerequisite:  Read “The Principles of Riding”, able to walk, trot (rising and sitting), and canter) Students use the full arena and learn the figures and movements used to develop horses.  Riders learn to use a correct body positions to move and balance their mount. Trot poles, low jumps and grid work may be incorporated.  After the 1st lesson, students are expected to be in the arena ready to mount on time (arrive 15 minutes early to groom and tack horse).  45 minutes, $255 for 4 classes.

Ladies' Ride: Available to ladies 18+ years of age.  A fun  session to get back in the saddle or improve your skills alongside other women.   $255 for 4 classes.